Retul 3D Bike Fitting Service

A professional bike fit is one of the most important factors for optimal performance, efficiency, injury prevention and comfort on a bike. It provides you with the most economic means of expending energy while preventing knee, hip and back pains, particularly common with riders who are trying to adapt their bodies to the bike they’ve already purchased.

We are Retul certified UCI TT and Tri specialists and here to help you get the most out of you cycling.

  • Retul Muve Bike Sizing Fit - Road: £99
  • Retul Muve Bike Sizing Fit TT/TRI: £135


Ideal for anyone wanting to purchase a road bike or TT bike. 

Saves costly mistakes that often happens if your bike and components are not perfectly sized for your riding style or geometry.

With our 3D motion capture bike fitting service on the Muve full adjustable jig bike you are guaranteed to leave knowing exactly what your optimal fit is and with your frame finder consultation the exact bike and size you will need.

Using the latest Retul technology we carry out a 3D scan of your body as you cycle. From this while you're riding your bike in our comfortable centre, we can collect information about your ridng position, movement and the load that is being placed on you.

The session included consultation after fit session using Retul 'frame finder' software. This enable us to access hundred of manufacturers data bases to advise on which frames and components fits you. This included both our brands and other 3rd party brands. 

This service includes the full Retul bike fit service as detail on top of additional Retul frame finder. Session is carried out on our Retul Muve bike sizing jig.

Please bring your cycling shoes, tight cycle shorts and a shirt for your fitting

  • Road Bike: £200
  • Time Trial / Triathalon Bike: £250


It doesn't matter if your bike is brand new or several years old having a bike fit could benefit your speed, comfort and overall enjoyment.

Whether it's a road bike, TT bike, Triathlon bike or recreational bike, if you spend more than 20 minutes a day cycling you could benefit from a Retul certified bike fit.

As trained Retul experts we use the latest technology and our 3D motion capture bike fitting service will look at every aspect of your cycling before making recommendations that will help you cycle faster and better, while reducing the energy you exert.

We find that if you're using your bike to commute to work, you might need a service that will look at how your bike and you operate to ensure you're not likely to gain any injuries. We believe if this technology is good enough for professional road cycling teams, it's good enough for you.

When you arrive at our bike fitting studio your package will include the following:

Rider History
Bio Mechanical and Flexibility assesment
3D Analysis
Cleat Fitting
Data Capture
Comprehensive Digital Report

We always recommend after a fitting to reduce the volume of training slightly for a week to get your body used to your new optimal riding position.

Please bring your bike, cycling shoes, tight cycle shorts and a shirt for your fitting